general admission

*Until further notice, all tickets must be reserved online before arrival. Please Read all instructions prior to purchasing tickets, not all areas of the park are open during Phase 2. 

Cautious Ticketing Procedure


During this period of phased reopening, we have established a temporary system for obtaining and using tickets to the park. This system makes it possible for us to maintain the levels of attendance required by statewide pandemic procedures. Please review the following information before proceeding to the ticket pre-purchase pages.


1. All tickets must be purchased before arrival at the park. We cannot sell tickets at the park at this time.

2. Tickets are good only for the date and time stated on the ticket.

3. Tickets must be redeemed during the hour time slot purchased. You may arrive at any time during that hour.

4. Tickets are non refundable.

5. You may be asked to show a valid ID or membership card before entry into the park.

6. Please review the Park's phased reopening plan and procedures (scroll below the purchasing buttons on this page). By purchasing tickets, you agree to abide by all policies and procedures it describes while you are at the park.

Observing these ticket procedures will help regulate the number of people in the park at any given time, in accordance with state policy. Thank you for supporting the Dinosaur Park! We look forward to seeing you and hope you will enjoy your experience here!

Covid-19 guidelines for Park visitors

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park! We thank you for your support during these unusual times and hope that you will enjoy stepping back in time with us this summer. We also hope that you will join with us in taking steps to stem the outbreak of COVID-19 and help each other to stay safe. In accordance with government regulations, we have adopted temporary measures to ensure the safety of our guests. We will update these measures as governments continue to ease restrictions. Please review the following information and plan your trip accordingly.

Planning Your Visit


Please limit the number of people in your group to less than ten. We cannot offer group discounts at this time (normal group rates apply to groups of 20 or more). Pre-booked groups such as birthday parties and field trips cannot be scheduled at this time.

Closed Areas—

To help maintain a safe environment and in accordance with government regulations, we must close the following venues during this phase of reopening: The Stewart Museum, the gift shop and cafe, the gold sluice activity, playgrounds, the Bone Cabin Outpost Science Education Center.


We encourage all park visitors to wear masks during their visit. We also recommend sunscreen and/or rain gear, depending on the weather. Please plan on spending two hours or less enjoying the Park. We encourage guests to bring a personal water bottle since the drinking fountains will be unavailable.

Arriving at the Park


Please enter through the temporary main entrance indicated by the signs. The normal entrance into the main building is closed. Have your tickets ready to present at the windows. Please enter only through this entrance, and exit through the brown turnstile located next to the playgrounds on the eastern end of the park. An alternate exit will be provided for patrons with special needs (e.g. wheelchairs)—please contact a staff member for assistance.


You will see Tyrannosaurus footprints painted on the sidewalks leading to the entrance and throughout the park. They match Tyrannosaurus' natural stride length and will help you maintain social distancing.

High Risk Persons Entry—

Please contact us via this website ( ) or send someone ahead and let our greeter know if a member of your immediate group will need a high-risk entry way. We will assist you with parking and auxiliary entrance.

During Your Visit


Please practice social distancing during your visit. Keep aware of your surroundings and avoid blocking paths where possible. The Tyrannosaurus footprints will assist you to keep distance at certain points, like in front of signs. We appreciate your courtesy to other guests!

Disinfecting Stations—

We encourage guests to come prepared with hand sanitizer and other cleaning products. We will also make hand sanitizer and other cleaning tools available to guests outside each restroom Please use these materials courteously and with discretion.


Facilities are located at the main building and on the eastern end of the park. If you are waiting for someone in the main building restrooms, please step outside and wait in the courtyard. We will clean and disinfect both restrooms hourly, which will require closing the restroom. These closures will be staggered, so one of the two restrooms will be available at all times. We will announce these closures for your convenience.


a free app is available for download for iPhone and iPad. It includes a map of the park, narration, and 3D views of some sculptures. The app will be available on Android platforms in the near future. In addition, our information signs feature QR codes which link to extra information; if your device does not already have the ability to scan QR codes, there are many apps available for free download.

Leaving the Park—

When you leave the park, please following signage leading you to an approved exit. You will not be able to exit through the main entryway.