The new trailer to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom appears to include Baryonyx as a new (to audiences) addition to the Jurassic Park fauna. Given that opportunity, let’s check it out in some detail.

  • The holotype Baryonyx specimen ranks as the most complete theropod found in the British isles.  It’s not

    exclusively a Brit, though: Baryonyx bones have b...

With Carnotaurus featuring so prominently in the recent Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer, it seems apropos to review the science on this genuinely bizarre dinosaur. Buckle up: this one’s gonna get weird.

  • Most people’s first impressions of Carnotaurus react to its bizarre, horn-capped, pug-nosed mug. Those horns represent a unique feature among kn...

A unique physical profile gave Spinosaurus an early edge in the popular imagination despite the fact that for nearly a century we knew very little about it. Discoveries during the past 32 years have slowly clarified our understanding of this bizarre animal, and every little bit that we learn serves to deepen its mystique.

  • Ernst Stromer announced the di...

Paleontology on a platter . . . or IS it?!

By now the idea that birds represent the only surviving members of the once vast and diverse dinosaurian lineage has become common knowledge. Those dino nuggets on a toddler’s plate have more dinosaur in ‘em than we once thought, right? But a lot can happen to animal lineages during a 65-million-year span, so how...

Let’s check out Utah’s state fossil, Allosaurus. We have a bunch of these guys in the park, so it’s an important one to know at any time.

  • Allosaurus fossils have taught us more about dinosaurs in general than almost any other dinosaur. These fossils represent a nearly complete set of growth stages from possible egg-bound embryos to full adulthood. The...

 Extinction Theories
We’re going to take a brief break from exhibit spotlights, then cover our Argentine dinosaurs during the month of September. This week we cover one of the most frequently asked questions about dinosaurs: how did they all die? Science does not yet have a definitive answer, but plenty of theories have been suggested—some much more plaus...

Exhibit Spotlight: Dilophosaurus wetherilli

Another dinosaur catapulted to popular fame by Hollywood, its real-life persona also differs the most from its stint in Jurassic Park. It’s an eye-catching dinosaur, and it has one of the most striking positions in the park, so questions about it come up surprisingly frequently.

  • Dilophosaurus had wanderlust:...

With over a century of study and a fair amount of fossil data to go on, scientists have a lot to discuss about T. rex; thanks to its dramatic frame and name,  so does everyone else. By far the most popular dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus has attained the status of a legendary icon, for better and worse. So without further ado, enjoy these tidbits:

  • Th...

Factoid of the Week
February 18

Exhibit Spotlight: Deinonychus antirrhopus

After Jurassic Park catapulted Velociraptor into pop stardom, many among the general public tend to conflate all small meat-eating dinosaurs with the raptor group (technically they’re known as the maniraptors, which means “grabby hands”). To continue our survey of the small carnivoro...

Factoid of the Week
February 11

Since our most recent Factoid dealt with a new dinosaur, this week we’ll examine its closest relative in the park.

  • Built like a greyhound, this animal measured about 10 feet long and may have weighed 50-70 lbs.

  • Coelophysis is New Mexico’s state fossil.

  • Though well-known thanks to spectacular discoveries of over...

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