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Group Rates

There are advantages to traveling in herds! Groups with a minimum of 10 or more paying customers that make reservations 7 or more days in advance qualify for special group rates. Call 801-393-3466 Ext. 56 for details and to make reservations for  fields trips.


District, Private , or Charter k-12
$3.00 per person
Preschool Rates:
$4.00 for children, $5 per adult
Home School Groups
$3.00 per person
other Groups of 10 or more :
$4.00 for children, $5 per adult
*Remember - You must reserve 7 or more days in advance qualify for special group rates*

What to expect

School field trip FAQ

School Groups K - 12

With each scheduled field trip you receive an opening orientation--grades 1 and up receive a Park Field Guide book. The orientation will take place in one of the Parks group meeting areas. Plan for 15 minutes for instructions and passing out the booklet and pencils.

*Field guide booklet distribution may be combined with a presentation.

age-customized museum experience

Preschool/Kindergarten Tour

Fossil presentation geared for younger ages, including a fossil presentation with questions and answers. Plan for 15 minutes.

Hands on Paleontology Presentation for First Grade and Older

Hands-on fossil presentation covering core standards for science and much more! The discussion includes a description of the basics of paleontology using hands-on examples of the different types of fossils for field trips. Plan on 30 minutes.

School field trip FAQ

Do you offer field trips?
Yes, please contact for more information.
What hours are available for field trips?
The Park opens at 10 am, but we are open to school field trips at 9:00 am. We host field trips throughout the entire year.
How do I book a field trip to the Dinosaur Park?
Fields trips can be booked by calling the Park at 801-393-3466 or initiated by emailing us at Either way, plan to spend about 10 minutes on the phone with us discussing your activity options and the timelines for your visit. Once booked, we’ll send you confirmation of your reservation with more details.
What is an adequate amount of time to spend at Dinosaur Park?
All school groups receive a quick orientation about the Park upon arrival and then, depending on what activities you’ve chosen for your age group, we suggest at least 2 ½ hours. If you plan to eat lunch at the Park you’ll want additional time. The Dinosaur Park does not limit the time school groups can spend here. You’re welcome to stay as long as you want during our open hours.
Can we bring in outside food (lunches)?
Yes, you are welcome to bring outside food in for your students. We have plenty of picnic space available where your coolers or other containers will be safe while the students tour the Park. Our café is not currently operating, but we do carry snacks and beverages in the gift shop.
Are there guided tours? If so, how many students per group can be accommodated?"
The Dinosaur Park provides an initial orientation for all students, and then, depending upon age – will provide a more in depth paleontology hands-on discussion or tour. We prefer to keep group tours under 30 children per group, but will accommodate your size as requested.
Do you have a student/adult ratio you recommend?
The Park offers 8 acres of outdoor trails as well as many fun playground toys. We suggest that you stay within a 5-7students: 1 adult ratio to make your visit more manageable and enjoyable.
How much advance notice do you require before booking a field trip?
Spring field trip days book quickly! We suggest you call 2-3 months in advance for spring dates and at least one month in advance for autumn or winter field trips. Field trips are booked first come-first served and subject to the size of groups.
How long does a typical activity run?
Plan for 30-45 minutes per activity per group when you visit the Park.
What is the cost of group admission?
Group rates are available for pre-booked educational field trips and we’ll be happy to discuss those rates with you by telephone or if you’d like to email us. In addition, the Ogden and Weber School District Foundations offer grants for trips to the Dinosaur Park. You’ll need to contact your District Foundation directly for more information on their programs.
Does admission cost include our adult chaperones?
The Group rate includes all students, teachers and adult chaperones. When you check in at the front desk for your field trips, please let us know if chaperones will be paying separately.

What are your group size limits?

We do not limit the overall size of the school groups, but we do limit the size of the groups for activities and hands-on presentations. We prefer to keep activity groups under 30 children per group. If this will not work for your class, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate your needs.
Does the Park allow coupons or special promotional codes for school groups?
Parents are welcome to bring the rest of their family with them during  field trips. Group rates will apply for all group participants, regardless of age. It is up to each individual school to decide their guidelines for additional participants during field trips.
What are your rules for weather related and other cancellations?
We encourage you to dress appropriately for the weather. Weather related cancellations will be treated the same as any other cancellation and will be rescheduled as if you are booking for the first time – on a first come, first served basis. We will do our best to reschedule your group within the dates you request, but we cannot promise that those dates will be available because our schedule fills up so quickly!

Join us in Preserving the Past and Inspiring the Future

Get Involved and Learn More about the Natural World

At Dinosaur Park, we are dedicated to preserving the natural history of our planet and inspiring curiosity and wonder about the world around us. By getting involved and participating in our educational programs and events, you can learn more about prehistoric life, geology, mineralogy, and the natural world.
Plan your visit to The Dinosaur Park today and discover the wonder and excitement of the prehistoric world. We look forward to welcoming you to our park!
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