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How can you donate to the George S. Eccles Dinoasur Park and Museum?


  1. Visit our website and select donate, choose between the options: general, exhibit, laboratory, events, footprint tile, and trails repair.

  2. Mail a check to Ogden Dinosaur Park, 1544 East Park Blvd., Ogden UT 84401

  3. * please specify any instructions or restrictions inherent with your valued donation.

  4. Volunteer! To get started, please visit, select the "Get Involved" menu option and choose the "volunteer" option.

All Donations over $500 will have a donation designation listed on the appropriate signage and material.


Thank you for your consideration in donating to Ogden’s George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park and Museum. We are a nonprofit 501C3 and will provide applicable donation letters for your taxes.


GENERAL Donation :

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Any donation amount is welcome and very much appreciated. 


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Donations to this category fund dinosaur park community events. 

  • Contributions of any amount are welcome and much appreciated 

  • Jurassic Run 5K - Donations will go towards trail improvements and repairs in the outdoor sculpture park

  • Halloween - "Dinos in the Dark 2021": See EVENT SPONSOR PAGE


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Exhibit donations begin at $2,000. Current projects include:

  • Majungasaurus – Native to the iIsland of Madagascar, this strange carnivore adapted to its surroundings by shrinking.

  • Nanotyrannus – A controversial dinosaur under hot debate - is it a juvenile T. rex, or a new separate species?

  • Raptorex – A very small tyrannosaur from Mongolia that raises new questions about the tyrant family tree

  •  Cervalces – A giant ice age deer with ornate antlers, related to the modern Moose

  • Tanystropheus - A living reptilian fishing rod that gives new meaning to the phrase "deadliest catch."


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Donations to this category fund fossil preparations by purchasing supplies.

  • Contributions of any amount are welcome and much appreciated! 

Footprint Tile :

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Donations $1,000 or above will be honored with a footprint tile in the museum entry area

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