VIsitor covid caution agreement

Agreement to the following rules is required for entry into the Museum-Plex at George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park:

  • Masks covering BOTH THE NOSE AND MOUTH are required indoors at all times. No mask, no indoor visit. Children 5 and under are exempt. Those older than 5 yrs who wish not to wear a mask, for medical reasons or otherwise, may explore the outdoor exhibits but may not enter the indoor exhibit halls. This is a city safety requirement.

  • One-way monitored socially distanced experience. Follow the signs (placed six feet apart to help gauge social distance) and designated paths.

  • Please don’t touch exhibits or exhibit cases. Do not tamper with covered exhibits.

  • One museum visit per entry ticket: after visiting the Museum, exit into the Dinosaur Park. Do not re-enter through the exhibit doors. If you must use the restroom or speak with desk staff, please enter through the side restroom door.

  • No strollers or wagons inside the Museums. Parking available.

  • No drinks or food inside the Museum.

  • Admission tickets are non-refundable.

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