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Exhibit Spotlight: Pteranodon longiceps

Look Ma! NO TEETH! A staple of the Mesozoic in the popular imagination, no picture-book illustration succeeds without at least […]
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Exhibit Spotlight: Hesperornis regalis

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many restaurants to temporarily shut down, Hesperornis has resorted to getting a sashimi fix […]
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Exhibit Spotlight: Amargasaurus cazaui

Why do theropods get all the attention? I'm not just some vanilla sauropod! Sheesh, I grow these neck spines and […]
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Paleontology Newsflash: Elessaurus gondwanoccidens

Let him go or I'll fossilize you, Longshanks! This newly discovered Triassic reptile fossil doesn't come from a dinosaur, but […]
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Exhibit Spotlight: Microraptor zhaoianus

The only thing that could make this more awesome is if it were riding a shark and wielding a machine […]
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Exhibit Spotlight: Ceratosaurus nasicornis

Photo of display at the Museum of Ancient Life, Lehi, Utah. The dinosaur park features a different cast of the […]
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Exhibit Spotlight: Brachiosaurus altithorax

Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Brachiosaurus. Steven Spielberg did well in using this iconic giant to make the first full appearance of […]
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Paleontology Newsflash: Dineobellator hesperonotus

Chuck Norris probably kept one as a pet. [Picture used under Creative Commons license, from Jasinski et al. 2020, margins […]
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Exhibit Spotlight: Carnotaurus sastrei

With Carnotaurus featuring so prominently in the recent Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer, it seems apropos to review the science […]
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Exhibit Spotlight: Baryonyx walkeri

The new trailer to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom appears to include Baryonyx as a new (to audiences) addition to the […]
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Exhibit Spotlight: Spinosaurus aegypticus

A unique physical profile gave Spinosaurus an early edge in the popular imagination despite the fact that for nearly a […]
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Did You Eat Dinosaur for Thanksgiving This Year?

Paleontology on a platter . . . or IS it?! By now the idea that birds represent the only surviving […]
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