Name means: Alberta Reptile


Species: sarcophagus

Range: Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian, 70-65 MYA) of Alberta, Canada

Size estimate: 25-30 ft length, 3 tons

Discovery: Henry F. Osborn, 1905

Classification: dinosauria, saurischia, therapoda, coelurosaura, tyrannosauridae


Albertosaurus looked like other tyrannosaurs in many ways, but it featured a lighter build and smaller frame. The ribs in its belly, called gastralia, aren’t an unusual feature. Other meat eating dinosaurs and crocodiles both have them. Their thin shape means that they don’t often preserve well. As a result, most skeletons in museums don’t include them.


Scientists have referred fossil fragments ranging from Mexico and Georgia to Russia to Albertosaurus. However, the only verifiable bones come from the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. One site in Dinosaur Park preserved several Albertosaurus individuals which all died at the same time. Some scientists believe this shows pack behavior. Others argue their bodies collected during a flood.


Albertosaurus probably preyed upon duckbills like Edmontosaurus, Saurolophus, and Hypacrosaurus.

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