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Ogden's George S Eccles Dinosaur Park 


Dinosaur Park is an exciting collection of creatures from prehistoric crawlers, to predators and even flying reptiles. More than one hundred dinosaur sculptures fill the park. These realistic full-sized sculptures are based on actual fossils skeletons, and are brought to life by robotics, artistic details and state-of-the-art sound system. 

2017-05-17 08.27.37.jpg
2018-08-14 10.34.49 - Copy.jpg
2018-04-26 10.02.04.jpg
2018-07-31 18.22.04.jpg
2017-07-01 15.16.35.jpg
2019-06-08 17.59.31.jpg
2019-08-09 11.35.54.jpg
2018-05-31 09.10.27.jpg
2013-10-20 16.24.58.jpg
2018-07-20 07.37.19.jpg
2013-02-22 13.30.42.jpg
2018-04-18 18.13.04.jpg
2018-07-13 09.08.00.jpg
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